Michigan Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir is much more than sexy photos (although that’s a great benefit), it’s about celebrating you and your journey, through art. I hope you are ready to see yourself for the beauty that you truly are, in a luxury one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll be raving about!


Boudoir is for EVERY Woman.

all sizes, all shapes, all ages, all ethnicities.

(Must be 18+ to schedule a session)

Are you ready to see yourself like never before?




Book Your Session

Session’s are booked during our quick and easy phone consultation (alternatives options offered for the hearing impaired). We’ll also answer any questions you might have, discuss pricing and payment options, where to find amazing lingerie or pieces that we have already in our closet, and walk you through our amazing luxury products.


Session Day

Our prep guide will ensure that you have all the details needed to prepare for your session. Don’t worry about nailing that pose, we guide every client through demonstration to ensure you are looking like a goddess. Remember to breathe this day is all about you!


Reveal and Ordering Appointment

The BEST part! You’ll get to view all final images and make any final product selections (if you haven’t selected a pre-payment plan). Products are ordered same day of reveal appointment. Once products have arrived and are quality approved you’ll be notified to schedule a pick-up date.


Production Process

Once your order is placed, we send your images straight to our labs for production. This the part where you become art! Your complete order will be ready for pick-up within 4-6 weeks of your ordering appointment. Your custom unique pieces are then yours to take home and enjoy.

Ready to Schedule?


Where are You Located?

Our boudoir studio is located in Clio, MI (a short 20 minutes from Flint, MI).

How Do I Afford This?

Boudoir is a great way to pamper yourself! I know that not everyone has the funds immediately available for purchase. To help with this, we offer our clients flexible pre-payment plans. Payment plans can be used on everything from the session itself to products and collections.

Who Will See My Photos?

Boudoir is an intimate experience and your comfort level is key. We offer many different release types as well as where your photos can be released. You can choose to share them everywhere, just our private VIP group, or not at all. When it comes to who will see your images, you are in charge!

What Products Do You Offer?

We have a range of luxury products. Client favorites are our albums and gorgeous wall art.

What If I Don’t Know How To Pose?

No Problem! Every pose is demonstrated and guided to ensure you look and feel like a goddess.  From your toes to your facial expressions I’ll be sure you nail that pose!

Can I Customize My Products?

Absolutely! We have several upgrades available. We offer several options to create your dream collection, such as gilding, Ice covers, and more.

What Do I Wear?

Many women prefer to wear lingerie for their photoshoot but it is not required. We recommend you wear something that you are comfortable with and that goes with your personality.

Still need help? No problem! We can help you find outfits and recommend where to purchase them.

When Should I Schedule?

Now! It is best to schedule your session at least 8 weeks in advance of when you would like to receive your products. This allows for editing and product production timeframes without fear that you will miss your deadline.  To take advantage of our payment plans we recommend to schedule about 6 months in advance (our most popular option).


Featured Photographer in After Dark Artist Magazine:

Issue #16, 2024

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Featured Photographer in Bare Bones Magazine:

Issue #34, 2020



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